Reliable antibodies, predictable results, exciting technologies!

Whether you´re a “Control freak”, “Strategist” or “Explorer”, REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies will satisfy your need for reliable, consistent antibodies. Discover the next-generation of flow antibodies and get inspired!

Predictable results through consistent antibody quality

  • Derived from a defined DNA sequence
  • Produced under standardized culture conditions in mammalian cell lines
  • Analytical, biochemical, and cell-based testing of every manufactured lot
  • Ready to meet the demands of higher reproducibility standards

New generation of flow cytometry antibodies

  • Background-free flow analysis due to mutated Fc region. No FcR blocking reagent needed
  • Straightforward experiment planning with only one isotype control
  • Superior lot-to-lot consistency thanks to recombinant technology